Environmental destruction is becoming serious.
Without any changes, it appears that Antarctic and Greenland ices will start to
melt down, with direct consequences that major cities of many countries
including Tokyo, New York, Shanghai and London will pass under the water level within just several decades.
Illegally dumped waste, land and water pollution by hazardous substances,
global warming, and many environmental problems are gathering people's attention. Environmental countermeasure is nowadays an unavoidable issue for corporate and public. OC and RCC equipments are the series of batch type and continuous type carbonization equipment.

Through the utilization of the equipments, @@@ZEH strongly supports companies
in their environmental management such us reducing volume of waste, controling emission of dioxin and CO2 with a low processing cost, producing good quality
by-products (charcoal) that can be used for fertilizer, soil improvement agent, fuel, and generating gas or recycling exhausted heat in a heat exchanger
for power generation.Nothing can be wasted for the new value of an eco-friendly
and safety waste recycling benefit to atmosphere, soil and people as well.
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