Since the environmental concerns have brought to light,worldwide efforts to cope with global warming have been promoting. This issue has become no longer just a single countryfs interest but an issue to which we must find the most appropriate answer from the global standpoint. The world urgently
needs to deal with reduction of greenhouse gas emission. Japan as an environmentally-advanced country, must work on the issue for environmental contribution in a global scale.We, Zero Emission Holdings, Inc. have committed ourselves to confront with these environmental issues and will dedicate towards the improvement of worldwide environment. ZEH has been established as a total environment consulting enterprise to offer the total solution for the environmental improvement with our core thermal decomposition and gasification technology.

Zero Emission HOLDINGS, Inc.
C.T.O / Yasuharu Matsushita

OC and RCC series are the state-of-the-art for both batch and continuous type carbonization units with dioxin and CO2 emission control. Based on the very ancient principle of charcoal kiln, objective is to reduce waste products, and inductively environmental threatening, all processes made in a safe way. ZEH proposes a new possibility and profit for your business by reusing charcoal as fuel.

Former entity of Zero Emission HOLDINGS, Inc. is a carbonization equipment maker. Since the establishment in 1987, we have experienced close to 300 carbonization tests a year on more than 200 types of waste material. Today, featuring power generating system that developed with application of carbonization equipment based on this carbonization technology, we develop boiler and burner those are available for all type of biomass fuel including charcoal. Please try our high efficient and low cost products based on our own know-how derive from considerable manufacturing achievements and experience.

Series of equipments employ advanced environmental technology. We develop diverse models capable to meet with a wide range of customer requirements. Many units are currently in installation to satisfy our client needs.
We propose most appropriate carbonization system according
to business types and waste processing materials considering
the customerfs budget and installation area etc.

CO2 emission, thus global warning potential, is limited by the fixation of Carbon as charcoal. Dioxin and dust formation are mitigated thanks to the indirect heating system that is long and gentle. A good control of both dioxin and CO2 and elimination of smoke, odors and dust contribute our technology to match strictly with gAir Pollution Control Acthstandards.
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