Since the agent does not contain any chloride, such as polyaluminum chloride (PAC),the material is free from carcinogen represented by organic chloride compound like trihalomethane for instance. Unlike the other agents which make the pH of sewage water unstable and it requires a lot of time for neutral- ization before effluent making unsuitable for continuous process, the agent is non-organic flocculating agent for water treatment purpose and has neutral pH range and if untreated sewage water has also neutral pH range, neutralization process will not be necessary making continuous processing to be possible. There are number of better advantages by utilizing the agent such as more space saving (unnecessary portion of neutralization process), more time saving (unnecessary stable neutralization time), more cost saving (unnecessary neutralization agent), and higher performance (capable of continu- ous process). uEco-ƒ¿vtakes the advantage of the characteristic of contaminated substance (fine particle) taking on negative charge so that respective particles will be repulsive on the homopolar (negative) for the flocculating mechanism. The agent encourages to build positive electrode bridges among these particles and it is called gcross-linking effectg. As a result of these positive electrode bridges among the particles, they will start to adsorb mutually. Eventually, the adsorption will grow bigger to become flock and they will settle out by specific gravity.
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