Batch type carbonizer
All material can be put inside of the equipment in one lump after opening the door.
Continuous type carbonizer
By adopting dry carbonizing system,intaking of the exhaust heat generated from the carbonizing device inside the dryer will be possible and the further cost reduction can be achieved.
Biomass fuel boiler Enable to utilize wood pellet and waste biomass as fuel.
Biomass burner The burner is capable of utilizing biomass originated resource as its fuel.
Biomass power generation plant The power plant can utilize g Biomassgresource from biological origin as its fuel.
Biomass Pelletizing plant It is the device to solidify in-took ground powdery substance of wood and plants from their own decomposing ingredients by adding the pressure to produce the pellets.
Flocculating agent Combine and flocculate impurities in drainage. Natural,safe,brand new materials. High performance flocculating agent for the next generation.
Biomass fuel Available to import; Pellet fuel, next generation fuel, agricultural residue Jatropha for BDF from Asian countries.
Fixation agent Fixation agent enables to process sludge from construction site and lake bed, and Process of weak ground stabilization.
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