18 Aug,2010
We will announce our “ Biomass Dry Distilled Gas Power Generation System” at “ 2010 Woody Biomass related New technology Briefing Conference “ organized by “ Support Center for Rural Rebirth “ 

September 16th 15:55〜16:35
Chuo University Suruga Memorial Hall(Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo)
September 29th 13:55〜14:35
National Health Insurance Hall
6 Aug,2010
The fourth recruitment of the J-VER program (an offset credit system) was notified from Ministry of Environment. Because medium and small-sized companies and farming houses coping with CO2 reduction together with neighboring people, We can work towards realizing both industrial promotion and the prevention of global warming. You can see the detailed information from here.
4 Aug,2010
The large framework of the total amount purchase system of the renewable energy were announced from Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. The biomass power generation has also become the target area and a new subsidy scheme will likely to be started in the next fiscal year. Click here for more details.